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I am Duckeye, Punching Dicks so you don't have to!
31 Mar 2016

Have you ever had that insatiable urge to just run around repeatedly punching all the dicks you can find?… Me neither. Though the same can not be said by metal band I am Duckeye in their 2012 official video clip for the catchy single, appropriately named, ‘Punching Dicks’. As you may have already imagined the hilarious video clip consists of the 3 of the 4 band members; Matt, Sam & Jules (unfortunately and i quote “Sean was @ soccer on film day”) running around town punching themselves and each other in the dick, as well as some general idiotic fun in children’s play grounds and the middle of the street.

The song is a lot of fun to sit back and laugh at, so check it out if you’re up for a laugh or just have nothing else to do!

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