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I Am Duckeye Receive Slamming Sydney Reviews!
14 Feb 2013

Awesome Foursome I Am Duckeye came, saw, and conquered Sydney and Katoomba! The kings of smack smashed two nights of back-to-back shows in NSW with great feedback from fans. Everyone was asked to wear a costume of their choice and the band was greeted in their favourite way, with plenty of beers and b#tches. If you were lucky enough to get caught on camera, you may even be showcased in their next ‘Duckisode’.

The Band has been described as ‘Train wreck hard rubbish gag rock’. A hilarious and quirky mix of genres, imagine if ‘Frenzal Rhomb’ and ‘Tenacious D’ were to have a love child… That morbidly beautiful breed would be I Am Duckeye.

I Am Duckeye played amongst fellow punks and friends to launch their latest EP, the ‘peoples’ song ‘Punching D#cks’, which could not have come at a better time for the band, having their EP featured on Triple J’s ‘Unearthed.’

The boys from Melbourne have announced a new string of shows in Victoria over the next month. Head to their official Facebook page or the Blue Pie Records Gig page for all the latest from these crazy locos and their upcoming gigs.

And don’t forget to keep up-to-date on their latest YouTube Duckisode below:

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