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I.N.F makes his new album "Las Vegas, Love, Lust" available on iTunes!
02 May 2012

Duane I.N.F. Jackson was born and raised in San Bernardino California, where he first discovered his musical talents by his involvement in piano lessons at age 7.


Because of his grandmothers guidance he was kept out of the streets, out of mischief, and remained focused in his musical environment. At age 18 Duane performed at his last recital and pursued a college education in Atlanta Georgia. He then met a college friend who influenced his interest in a direction toward the art of rhyme. They then joined as a hip-hop group and called themselves Calligraphy.

Duane returned to California where his pursuit remained focused on hip-hop music rather than college life. He then devoted all his time to his newfound admiration. With music being the main focus he hooked up with a local engineer by the name of Mario “T-1” Thompson who helped him record tracks at his studio. They became good friends as well as business partners. Duane and T1 formed a label called, “Empire West” and together they recorded many songs. A few years later Duane co-owned a studio called So Cal Recording Studio & street Hustle Records. At the young age of 25, Duane holds the title of Music producer, Artist, and Engineer as he is on a quest for greatness.

I.N.F just released his new album “Las Vegas, Love, Lust”. After hearing the 8-track album, it’s safe to say that we have high accomplishments for the already high achiever. Choice song titles from the album include “Rock and Roll”, “Tattooed Supanova” and “Love Is My Weapon”.

To get some of the Hip Hop/Rap action that is I.N.F check out his iTunes page today!


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