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I.N.F releases new hip-hop album.
21 Jun 2012

Lovers of Hip-hop never fear! We are here to make sure your ears never have to grow weary of the same music blasting on repeat. We are excited to introduce something fresh from our artist I.N.F!

The California born and bred artist, Duane ‘I.N.F’ Jackson, released his new album “Sunglasses and Advil” earlier this year.

The collaboration with artists such as Klepto Da Thief, Flash, Bizzy Bone and Young Mack, has added a burst of flavour to the album, each track blending together to create a masterpiece concoction.

Much like his album “Las Vegas, Lust, Love”, “Sunglasses and Advil” is of top quality and will not disappoint.

Make sure to have a listen; this is another album you will probably blast on repeat!

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