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I.N.F's controversial new video 'Sunglasses and Advil' out now!
22 Jun 2012

Just when you thought America’s hip-hop artists couldn’t get any crazier… INF releases his new video for his catchy track ‘Sunglasses and Advil’, which is now available to watch on Youtube.

The song is your ultimate hangover cure, a mash-up of drunken shenanigans, drugs and partying and the morning aftermath, which inevitably leads to sunglasses and Advil.

I.N.F’s video features rappers Yung Tarantino and Chandy Learz and begins with the voice over “Can you stay clean for a week? No…”, introducing the drug-fuelled themes present in this video.

Girls making out, taking drugs, partying- it’s all here! Like a trip down the most debauched of nights out, ‘Sunglasses and Advil’ depicts a series of images designed to shock!

Move over 50 Cent and Eminem, I.N.F looks like he could well be the new master of catchy controversy, blending hip hop beats with smooth lyrics to produce a unique gangster rap sound.

Be sure to check it out!

I.N.F’s album can also be found on iTunes.


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