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Ice Dogg gets Clandestine and hits the Air Waves all over da World !
15 Sep 2010

Ice Dogg gets Clandestine and hits the Air Waves globally with his new album “Clandestine”. Ice Dogg is one of the three founding members of the 1995 rap group ” Tha M.O.B.B “, straight outta East Oakland, Ca USA.

Tha M.O.B.B landmarked the bay area hip hop scene with the album entitled “Never Trust Them Hoes”, ( Re-released on Blue Pie for the world exclusively on Prime USA Records  ) which sold over 500 thousand copies alone and put him on tour with such greats as.. E-40 & The Click, Richie Rich, Mystical, Jayo Felony, Luther Campbell & the 2 Live Crew, 3 times Krazy, Run DMC, The Coup, Concious Daughters, Bushwick Bill, The 5th Ward Boys, The Late Great Coug Nutt, E Dubb, and BET’s Comedian J. Anthony Brown. Ice Dogg is one of the West Coasts most respected rappers. Ice Dogg, having shifted over 750,000 physical CD’s old skkkoooollll style with his debut album + his other CD releases + now in the new digital world he has sold over 500,000 downloads through his My Space, iTunes, and the main stream digital retailers, Ice now has a home with Blue Pie, Prime USA Records and Full Entertain Music. Respect !

“Rey T” – CEO of Prime USA Records has been friends with ” Tha M.O.B.B ” and Ice Dogg since back in the day and through Rey and his connections to Stephen Wrench and Damien Reilly a new home was able to be created for Ice and his non stop rap machine and music that is ” Ice Dogg”.

Ice has been extremely active with spreading the Blue Pie love to all in LA and we and the crew back at the Zoo in Sydney …downunder send a massive note of thanks out to Ice Dogg + his brothers & family in LA – WORD !

You can check out Ice Doggs new album that is currently being added to radio throughout North America – Check it out and download this one now – For all the latest news on Ice Dogg you can visit his My Space page at

Ice Dogg and his back catalogue is available now exclusively to Prime USA Records & Blue Pie for the world at leading digital retailers on the planet. Search under ” ice dogg” and ” tha mobb”


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