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Infamous Hip Hop Artist from Georgia, T-Rock Signs with Blue Pie Records !
22 Mar 2013

Iconic gangster rap artist T- Rock, from the nineties and noughties, has signed a global distribution and publishing deal with Blue Pie Records. Hip Hop bad boy T- Rock was brought to us by good friend Brian Lassiter of ‘Media World.’ Media World was established in 1983 as one of USA’s leading independent film and television production companies.

T- Rock developed his passion for rapping throughout his childhood in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. He released his first album titled ‘Throw Yo Neighborhood Up’ in 1996. The album was produced by underground producer ‘Brandon McKinney’. Hip Hop stardom ‘MC Mack’ soon discovered the tape and brought T-Rock and fellow members ‘DJ Paul’ and ‘Juicy J’ to fame for the world to discover! The then only seventeen year old rapper signed to their label ‘Hypnotize Minds.’

The recognition was massive and global. With the success of this ground breaking album, T-Rock was able to break away and to self and co-produce his works. With passion and dedication to keeping in contact with his fans he was able to build steady and constant sales of his independant releases. His fan base is dedicted and strong and numbers of 20,000 and growing. Sales of his independant released albums are well over 500,000 and something that he says could be high as many booleggers would independantly press his work and that is something that he is not bitter about as this has helped to get the word out and build his fan base. In recent times his independant release “Conspiracy Theory,’ has sold over 20,000 physical CD’s and still selling today.

Brian Lassiter is the man that has brought T-Rock to Blue Pie Records to re-launch the talented rapper world-wide! . We all send a huge noted of thanks to Brian and T-Rock for choosing one of the largest international independent record labels as a platform to distribute and promote online!

T-Rock’s hot new album titled, ‘4:20/ Reincarnated’ is out now through Blue Pie for the world to enjoy! It is available at all leading digital retailers on the planet! We look forward to more massive success.

You can learn more about T-Rock on his official Facebook:

Welcome to the Blue Pie family, T-Rock!

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