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Introducing Rebel Muzic: A Dynamic Jamaican Label Redefining the Music Scene!
22 Sep 2023

Blue Pie Records is thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Rebel Muzic, a trailblazing Jamaican label that’s rewriting the rules of the music industry. Founded and led by the visionary Glenis “Rebel Chris” Gooden, Rebel Muzic is more than just a record label; it’s a cultural movement, a creative powerhouse, and a driving force behind the heartbeat of Jamaican music.

Rebel Muzic isn’t your run-of-the-mill music label. They are pioneers with their fingers on the pulse of the culture. Their commitment to artistry and quality shines through every facet of their operation, be it in media, production, or recording. With their music now reaching every corner of the globe, they’re on a mission to help artists elevate their careers to new heights.

Rebel Muzic boasts an enviable catalog of iconic classic reggae tracks that have turned heads throughout the industry. These timeless melodies resonate with the soul, bridging the gap between generations and cultures.

We owe a huge thanks to Saun Jay from JIsland Records for being the catalyst behind this momentous partnership. In the world of music, cooperation begets further cooperation, and we at Blue Pie Records are bursting with excitement to see what the future holds as we join forces with Rebel Muzic.

To get a taste of the unparalleled musical journey Rebel Muzic offers, dive into their extensive catalogue and connect with them on social media:

Rebel Muzic on Riddim ID

Rebel Muzic on Discogs

The fusion of Rebel Muzic’s unique insight, passion for the culture, and commitment to quality music with Blue Pie Records’ longstanding dedication to fostering musical excellence promises to create a harmonious symphony that will resound for generations to come.

Welcome to a new era of music collaboration, innovation, and inspiration with Rebel Muzic and Blue Pie Records! Let’s close out with a short look at some of their best – and with how extensive their catalogue is, we’re really stressing the word “short” here! Until next time, keep on vibing to them reggae riddims.

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