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Is DJ 5th Mars the King DJ of Social Media?
16 Apr 2014

The godfather of deep space techo, DJ 5th Mars, has received a lot of social media attention over the last couple of months, drawing more people into his unique and innovative sound. Since the release of his 3 albums, DJ 5th Mars has gained enough social media followers to form his own online army! To give you a clearer idea, here are some stats as evidence of DJ 5th Mars rising popularity:

-On Twitter, DJ 5th Mars has reached over 14.5k followers

-On Facebook, he has reached over 20.3k followers

-On Souncloud, he has nearly reached 2000 followers

Not a bad start for the talented DJ and the team here at Blue Pie and DJ Central know that this is only the beginning for DJ 5th Mars career, so make sure you remember his name! DJ 5th Mars has currently completed a remix track of DJ Bob Sinclar called “Outro Lugar Elements” which he has entered into a competition for Sennheiser Electronic. You can help him out by listening to the track here and voting for his remix on the facebook page here.

For more info on DJ 5th Mars, you can check out his facebook page here.

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