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Is that a... doll party? Self-isolation is driving people crazy for Key Crashers!
05 Jun 2020

Well, we can’t think of a way to transition into this weirdness, so cold opening it is – watch this and be confused with us.


Yeah, uh, we were floored too. But the creativity here is insane, that’s for sure! That’s why we had to share it on our social media. This picture of a wild doll party is better than some dumps we’ve partied at before, that’s for sure! Can you relate?

Even DL reckons this is interesting. The Key Crashers remix is inspiring some real sparks of mad genius in people out there, and this is but one example! The #TikTikTikBoomBoom and #SugaBoomBoomKC twin movements have seen some fun stuff, some creative stuff, and some weird stuff, but this is in a whole different league, this is fascinating in all three categories! Keep it up, keep making it, and send it in! Even though quarantine is being relaxed everywhere of late, it’s still smart to stay indoors, so use that time to work on a craft like this. The Key Crashers, DL, and us will all love it when you send it on in! 😀

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