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Isaac Roosevelt conquering some of his 2014 goals!
01 Apr 2014

Last Friday night, everyone’s favourite funk soul artist lead singer of Funky P aka Isaac Roosevelt will be performing live at den Atelier in Luxemburg city alongside fellow Blufunk artist Keziah Jones!

Supporting Keziah in his personal and political project wearing the outfit of an Afro superhero “Captain Rugged”, Keziah’s quirky and socially committed double, the performance was set to be a unique display of the artists versatile talents, and did not live down to the audience’s high expectations.

Isaac Roosevelt is a Luxemburg-based contemporary soul-funk artist with a goal to set the bar to new heights in the blues and soul based genres! He has created a tailored trademark style of ready-to-dance funk soul music that meets the craftsmanship of its roots, with a modern twist to cater to the future markets and generations.

With his band Funky P opening for several huge acts such as PINK! and Solomon Burke, the band has become a dynamic eight piece mixture of those involved in their album alongside some serious new talent.

With his brand new release “Lost In A Mad World” featuring Pamela Falcon now available for download on, Isaac Roosevelt has been a very busy artist and we cannot wait to hear more from him.

Download “Lost In A Mad World” below:

For more information on the live performance at den Atelier follow the link below:

To watch Isaac Roosevelt’s audition on The Voice follow the link below:

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