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Isaac Roosevelt music featured in a Volkswagen ad!
28 May 2014

Isaac Roosevelt started on a good note, since he was the strong voice of his soul band, Funky P, with hits like  ‘Falling ‘ and ‘Smile Baby’. It did not cost anything to him been Awarded With a VDM award “Grand Prix der Internationaler Musikschaffenden ” with his solo single ‘ Your Love Is’, which gained an astonishing 2,388 million views and counting on You Tube. With his participation in the third season of The Voice Of Germany, he conquered the hearts from both the public and the judges. His Most current single “Lost In A Mad World” is ranking 8th place on the Eldoradio Charts Luxemburg, as well as other chart positions in Germany. His version with Pamela Falcon is hitting over 36,000 views on YouTube.

Isaac is an artist you should definitely be aware of, with his great vocal quality and warm versatility—not to mention everything he does becomes a success and he knows how to make a great performance. This is why his facebook page already has 121,000 likes, I mean, how many consolidated artists would love to have that many likes?

It doesn’t stop there for Funky P! One of the major cars brand in the world, Volkswagen, have recruited one of his songs to be featured in their TV ads for the new Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan. They have released two versions of the song—a short edition and an extended version (three and a half minutes), which you can listen to online. The extended version begins with a soft and smooth instrumental session which goes for about three minutes until Roosevelt’s smooth vocals kick in and take the song on a whole other level.

For more info on Isaac Roosevelt, check out his website here.

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