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Isaac Roosevelt provides a sweet treat for Radio Eldorado Luxembourg!
17 Sep 2014

Isaac Roosevelt of Funky P fame has announced that his hit new single “Ice Cream Baby” is now playing in Rotation at Eldoradio (Luxembourg) Radio!

Radio Eldorado Luxemburg is one of the biggest radio senders in Luxembourg and provided heaps of exposure for talented artists from around the world! Isaac’s current single “Ice Cream Baby” has reached 9th place at the Eldoradio listener charts in Luxembourg and is in the Top 30 on the ITunes Charts in Luxemburg. The single has been receiving airplay around the world on radio stations such as: SWR1, Radio Salue, Antenne Kaiserlautern, Eldoradio, RTL Luxembourg as well as radio stations in Belgium, Ireland, Scandinavia, and USA.

Isaac Roosevelt has been making music for over 26 years and has mastered the genres of Funk, R&B and Soul. His first taste of fame came after he competed in the third season of The Voice, Germany in 2013 and since then he has been in no-stop demand. Music is undoubtable Isaac’s passion as he has been touring non-stop this year, with 80 concerts already booked for 2014!

Not only does he have an incredible work ethic, he is dedicated to communicating with his fans. This is obvious when you look at his 4 million youtube views and 119 236 Facebook likes. On the back of his recent posting as the official voice for the 2014 VW Golf Sportsvan TV Spot “Couples” Isaac has released “Ice Cream Baby” his latest Summer Hit and the fans are loving it!

Check out “Ice Cream Baby” and heaps of other Hot Summer Tracks getting airplay by Radio Eldorado Luxemburg. Support Isaac Roosevelt on the chart breaker pole and spread the word about “Ice Cream Baby”!

For More information on Isaac Roosevelt and to keep up to date on his upcoming concerts and latest releases and music news, follow the links!

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