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IVEZA and ELEMENTS join the Blue Pie label!
05 May 2014

We are pleased to announce that the incredible IVEZA and ELEMENTS has joined the company. This Quartet from Kragujevac, Servia, is an emerging force, which is set for a potent horizon. The band formed in 2007 with multi-instrumentalist, Ivan Ivezic, (main vocal- keyboard), Marko Sujica, (guitar-back vocals), Pedrag Spasojevic, (guitar-back vocals), Nikola Vasic (Dj- electronics). The band formed from the combination of two different band projects. Marko and Pedja had a industrial band called ELEMENTS, whilst Ivan had a solo drum’n’bass/ rock project called IVEZA. Together, they decided to join forces, giving birth to IVEZA and ELEMENTS. Dj Nikola joined to complete the band later on.

The band has it’s own original genre, which, although defies labelling, it reaps the essence with its own individual persuasion. Someone has described it as new school/ dnb/ jungle/ electro/ house furia. The combination of industrial, alternative, and electro metal is what makes the band’s songs stand out.

Their influences are from different genres of music, including: Helemet, Boy Set Fire, Bjork, Alice in Chain, Faith No More, Prodigy and Infected Mushroom. The first songs, ‘Fireman’, ‘The world it gonna stop’ and ‘Revelation’, contributed an irresistible quality and adventure to the opening of the band, and ‘My Brother’ is an example of the deep seeded creativity, solid writing and production instincts, and extremely thought provoking melodies that the band produces.

So far the IVEZA and ELEMENTS have had an enormous number of gigs all around Serbia and in several neighbourhood countries. They appeared at the best-selling Serbian musical press, in many local TV shows, as well as on the Serbian national TV (”RTS”) several times. It is impossible not to keep a close eye upon them. You can find out more about IVEZA and ELEMENTS and their music here.

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