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J. Young and After 5 are getting LIT with their new single!
09 Apr 2019

He has returned. The man who brought us “Oxygen”, the number 1 played video in the Philippines and an awesome track in general, J. Young is back, and he’s brought the company of After 5 to deliver their newest single to us- “Lit”.

Doesn’t the beat just make you wanna nod your head? That’s what happens when you combine tropical reggae beats with sick dance tracks, as is typical of J. Young’s style!

J. Young is most known for his classic hit, “Oxygen”. Fusing the old school with a love for reggae melodies, “OXYGEN” rocks that perfect blend of classic live instrumentation and modern synths to make an infectious summer anthem for 2015. The Music Video filmed on the island paradise of Boracay, Philippines in June 2015, and features Asian stars Roxy Barcelo and Ashley Rivera, Directed by Ali Visanji (Ray J, Elise Estrada, Maestro). As stated before, it was the number 1 played video in the Philippines!


With that kind of clout behind him, it’s good to see J. Young still putting it to good use and getting his tunes out there with awesome company like After 5. “Lit” has got enough of a good beat and vocal work to truly become a new classic in its own right, so look forward to seeing J. Young resurface to popularity soon, atop this new musical flagship!

“Lit” official links:


We hope you enjoy this music video of Oxygen too! Let yourself indulge in J Young’s many talents-

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