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Jacco Müller and Victor Ghannam featured on "Welcome To The D"!
28 Sep 2012

Blue Pie artist, Jacco Müller has recently been featured on Detroit television show “Welcome To The D”. He was joined by his musical partner Victor Ghannam, as they performed and spoke about their music.

Jacco Müller was born in The Netherlands, and by the age of 11 began training in classical, jazz and pop guitar. In 1998 he produced his debut solo album, “Imagenes de la Luz”. As composer for flamenco guitar, cello, violin and piano he then produced 2 albums of original works (and scores): “Laberinto” (2000), “Silueta” (Centaur Records, 2002).

Jacco and Victor have played across the globe together, and scored the soundtracks to Xena Warrior Princess and Spartacus TV shows.

You can watch the episode on YouTube or catch the program on MEA TV, Friday nights at 11pm.

For more information on Jacco Müller, check out his Official Website.

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