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Jack Derwin continues to gain more radio fans with over 200 + stations adding his album to their playlists for December alone thanks to AirPlayDirect !
13 Jan 2013

Jack Derwin is a countryside Australian blues artist who is taking the world by storm with his latest hit album, ‘Covered All In Blue’. The albums showcases Jack’s extremely multi-talent on blues harp, guitar and vocals, alongside his compositional originality! It fuses together elements of folk, pop and rock combined with his old school blues-country base. It is an eccentrically mixed acoustic collection, yet stays true to its Australian roots, suiting many tastes. The album is out now on Blue Pie exclusively for the world on iTunes and 190 other leading digital retailers. Click here to get the album from iTunes !

It’s no wonder the album is striking to many ears and music lovers, smashing the records on ‘AirPlay Direct’! His official site traffic has boomed and his AirPlayDirec site is constantly serviving the album to the global network of independant Blues, Folk and Folk Rock stations.

Jack Derwin had continued his steady rise to musical fame by bringing up the good old honest Australian brand of blues! Jack has continued to develop musically, with many more performances now in demand as a soloist than ever! He uses standard and open tunings on guitars that embellish his percussive playing, or the simplicity of slide and finger style; and haunting or raunchy harmonica entwined in the mix.

Blue Pie is looking forward to furthering Jack’s triumph for an even bigger record breaking 2013. To learn more about ‘Jack Derwin’ and his music, visit his official sites or AirPlay Direct site below! 

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