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Jack Derwin hits the road with his homegrown blues and roots music and his fans can't get enough !
21 Sep 2016

Talented Sydney blues and roots artist, Jack Derwin continues to grow his loyal fan base. His first independent CD “With My Eyes” was aired nationally on TV. Since then his success has increased exponentially and he has toured throughout Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the USA.

Jack is always seeking to evolve, expand and develop his sound and music. His latest release “Bent” is no such exception providing harmonic genius and inspiring the masses. This is certainly an album to keep on repeat.

Jack is currently playing a high volume of shows around Australia. After previously playing in Victoria, Jack has now brought his vibrant style to the Sydney area.

If you’d like to catch Jack Derwin live his next show is at Crown on McCredie in Guildford, Sydney. You can check out the event here:

Also listen to his music here:
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For all the latest news about Jack Derwin have a look at his website here:

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