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Jacques Pellarin forms duo "Jac & Co" with talented vocalist Corrine Pellarin!
05 Jul 2012

Our amazingly talented French artist, Jacques Pellarin has indeed been very busy, collaborating with vocalist, Corrine Pellarin.

The duo has formed the name “Jac & Co” with Jacques playing the accordion and Corrine captivating the audience with her voice. The two musicians present a charismatic ensemble, working in unison to showcase Jacques incredible compositions.

We are thrilled that Jacques has shared their passion with fans worldwide. The marvellous pair performed songs “Padam” and “Johnny” live on June 20, which are now available to watch on You Tube.

We look forward to seeing more shows from Jac & Co! Stay tuned for further updates!

For more information, check out Jacques Pellarin’s website.

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