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Jacques Pellarin reaching the stars with his accordion!
23 Nov 2022

The duet Jac & Co have been turning heads again in South England! They’ve been on tour from the 14th-20th of November 2022, hitting up locations such as Maidstone and Brighton. The duo is comprised of Singer Corinne Pellarin and composer/accordionist Jacques Pellarin. Check out some of their unique style here! This is a video clip by Lucas Pellarin, “J’ai croisé ton coeur”.

The music for this was handled by Jacques Pellarin, with lyrics by Manuel Frigola- Escolastica. It gives the viewer an insight into what we can expect from one of their performances, and indeed, live footage from those events speaks to its validity! Take a peek at what the Jac & Co duo tours are like!

The Jac & Co duo also impressed with their duet at the Frédéric Bistro in Maidstone, Kent, as part of their 2022 November England tour! They then moved on to Witham, Essex the next day, and continued their magic at the Crofters! The singer here is Corinne Pellarin, and the  composer/accordionist is once again Jacques Pellarin. Jacques wishes to extend his heartfelt thanks to Kenny Yorkston for recording the video of the performance, too.

Plus, there’s some more exciting news for Jacques; in February 2022, he was honored to be entrusted with the role of playing the accordion as part of the soundtrack for Netflix’s Slumberland. The soundtrack is wonderfully created by Pinar Toprak, and the movie is available to watch now on Netflix! Can you hear the accordion amidst the beautiful orchestration? That’s the one and only Jacques Pellarin playing! He’s promised that he’ll be sharing a video of the studio recording for the orchestral segments of the soundtrack, and expresses that it was an utmost pleasure to work on this soundtrack. He gives his deep thanks to Shie Rozow and Pinar Toprak for choosing him for this prestigious role.

Blue Pie wish to give our heartiest congratulations to Jacques for his success with his accordion. Tours, Netflix, what’s next?

If you want more of Jacques, check out his Facebook page and see why one of the most classic Blue Pie artists is as beloved as he is.

And if you love the Jac & Co duo, check out their website!

Until next time, you can find us watching Slumberland on Netflix and keeping an ear out for that distinct accordion…

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