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Jacques Pellarin Releases NEW ALBUM “Sup Dude”
14 Nov 2011

Jacques Pellarin’s new album “SUP DUDE” in Electric Quartet has just been released!

You can order the CD from Jacques himself by contacting him at

CDs are €10, and €2 for shipping.

You can now listen to extracts of the album at CD Baby and the album is available digitally too!

Born in 1962 in Chambéry, he began his musical studies at the academy (regional education authority) of accordion of Chambéry.  From here on everything happened so fast.

Coming from an unusual musical past, where travels, the notion of share and artistic curiosity have been tremendously important, it is obvious that those values became favorable bases for inspiration.

Today, Jacques spreads his creation in acoustic trio and electric quartet. Let yourself be transported into his world dedicated to demanding writing for a modern and warm accordion. Since 1992, he has composed more than 90 opuses and arrangements in very eclectic styles.

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For more information about Jacques Pellarin go HERE!

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