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Jacques Pellarin shares new music from his US Recording Sessions!
18 May 2015

Jacques is very proud to share his latest new tracks from his US recording session. The sessions were on the 8th May at the C.A.S.Studio (New -Jersey). The sessions feature his great friend and producer/composer Chris Orazi. As Jacques says: “I’m so grateful to my American friends Jim Cohen ( guitar),David Bopbrummer (Drums), Christopher David Shannon ( Upright Bass ) who all worked so hard on these session. They are all from Philadelphia and it was great delight to work with them!


There is a live video available at Jacques website here You can see the US Teaser of the recording session at C.A.S Studio ( New -Jersey )




·        Fleur de bossa : Jacques Pellarin – composer /Accordionist  

·        Sweety swing : Jacques Pellarin – composer /Accordionist  

·        Mister Bowtie : Jacques Pellarin – composer /Accordionist

·        Squeezy blues : Jacques Pellarin – composer /Accordionist 

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