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Jacques Pellarin & winemakers collaborate to create a wine from music!
01 Jan 1970

Composer and Blue Pie artist, Jacques Pellarin, has teamed up with Romananche, a vineyard in the area of Bonnard to make a limited edition wine inspired by music. This area inspired Pellarin when he was there at harvest time in 2009. The winemakers were seduced by the music on Karenita, which their vineyards had stimulated.

The vintage 2009 Romananche is a variety of pinot noir, worked in oak barrels for a whole year. It is a wine produced in the appellation, Bugey, France. Its label is decorated with an excerpt from the composer’s score.

This vine has caused two works that are found in a bottle. We can now enjoy Romananche other than on the album of Jacques Pellarin Trio, Karenita.

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