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Jacques Pellarin’s NEW ALBUM hits the airwaves!
29 Nov 2011

Jacques Pellarin since 1992 has composed more than 90 opuses and arrangements in very eclectic styles. Let yourself be transported into his world dedicated to demanding writing for a modern and warm accordion.

Releasing his new album ‘Sup Dude’ only a few weeks ago amongst adding an extra member to the trio. The now quartet has hit the radio with Luz & Fuerza, Le Temps de Souffler and Tango Addiction featuring on Luis Campos’ Jazz Factory on WDIY 88.1.

“I was amazed at their musicianship and eclectic instrumentation…this is one of the most
original and exciting recordings I have heard in a long time.
” Enrico Scalfo via CdBaby

Another fan blogging “From the first song, electric guitar brings a particular sound. It provides an additional colour to the trio, by expanding its range, without losing its identity immediately identifiable.

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