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Jacques Pellarin's Choral Tango turning heads in Planet Blue's catalogues!
28 Jul 2022

One of the original Blue Pie artists since 2005 has just given us a massive shoutout, that being Jacques Pellarin! He’s pleased that the music video for Choral Tango is streaming via the Planet Blue Pictures catalogue, as seen in these Facebook posts he made out of excitement a while back.

And you can check out his comments and credits for the project in detail right here too:
‘Great news!
“Choral Tango” by Jacques Pellarin on Orange Video Streaming (France) !
Composer (Accordéon/ Bandonéon) Jacques Pellarin composer
Filmmaker Lucas Pellarin
Album Paris Sunlight 2022 Jacques Pellarin
Special thanks to Blue Pie Records USA
Jacques Pellarin – Choral Tango sur Orange Vidéos
Honored to see my music video “CHORAL TANGO” Jacques Pellarin enter the catalog of Planet Blue Pictures – (USA / Australia)
This thanks to Blue Pie Records USA and in particular to Damien Reilly , the founder and C.E.O. Many thanks to them!
My artistic recognition also to Lucas Pellarin, talented filmmaker who sublimated my music with his images in this video!
7 juil. 2022 Visit to view and download our entire catalogue!
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And the music video on the Planet Blue Pictures channel is sure to please, if you haven’t checked it out already.

We’re very pleased that Jacques is so happy about this step in his musical journey with our partner at Planet Blue Pictures. We couldn’t be happier either! We hope you music fans and PBP veterans enjoy this masterful production, and we thank Jacques for shouting us at Blue Pie and Planet Blue out.
If you want more of Jacques, check out his Facebook page and see why one of the most classic Blue Pie artists is as beloved as he is.
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