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Jacques Pellarin's track played on National USA!
22 Jun 2012

We are very excited to announce that Jacques Pellarin has had his amazing composition ‘Accordeao do Sul’ played on National USA “Morning Edition”.

Accordian player, Jacques Pellarin has collaborated with Saxophones Soprano, Diego Fano and Percussionist Yann Pajean, together producing unique melodies that have won the hearts of jazz fans globally.

Jacques Pellarin himself describes the trio’s sound as eclectic, “inviting the public to discover an accordion chameleon” outside the usual clichés.

“My intention, in acoustic trio, is to approach a new sound and to create so a link between my experience of classic scene and that more recent of my precede quartet Jazz of the world.”

To listen to the track, check it out on iTunes!

For more information, go to Jacques Pellarin’s Official Website.

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