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Jah Mason announces tours from October onwards!
09 Sep 2019

October is looking to be a good month for you reggae fans! The one and only Jah Mason is gonna be on tour! The details aren’t set in stone just yet, but we’re excited for the chillest guy in the sweetest hat to come back to the stage! Music has been missing a smooth vibe lately, and we’re sure that Mason can bring it back in the sweet reggae way he knows best. Keep an eye on the website and Jah Mason’s social media- we’re all keeping our ears to the ground for tour news ourselves! And we’ve linked it all down below, just to be handy.

But say that you’re new to the Jah Mason scene? Why take time out of your spooky Halloween schedule if you dunno anything about the guy? Well, consider this an introduction to him. Sit back, relax, and get ready to chill- his hits albums are specially chosen, and named appropriately! Let yourself be transported!

Yeah, they’re a special kind of special, aren’t they? Some of the best reggae on the planet since we were graced by Marley himself! And the emotion poured into each track isn’t to be understated either! It’s clear that Mason is a performer that truly cares about what he does. So his concerts are bound to be legendary! Why wouldn’t you wanna attend a show?! Keep an eye on the links below for upcoming details and save the date- October will truly be a month to remember!

Jah Mason Links

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