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Jah Mason releases The Hits Vol 1 and 2, a collection of all his greatest music.
29 Sep 2018

Jah Mason is a legend in the reggae scene, with a rep in his homeland of Jamaica as Fire Mason, his music is something any reggae fan should know. And now with the release of his The Hits compilation, there is a fantastic jumping on point for anyone looking to get into his music.

Split between two volumes, both available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon, The Hits encompasses the best of his work, giving a broad overview of all of his music.

Active since 2002, Jah Mason has built a huge body of work, with 13 albums and over 300 singles and EPs it can be difficult to know where to start for a newcomer, which is where The Hits comes in, providing a starting point to hook you into Jah Mason’s chill reggae sound.

But The Hits isn’t just for new fans. Long time fans and devotees will love this too, with all his best stuff in one place its so much more convenient to lean back, smoke up, and relax to Jah Mason, or even put it on in the car or at a party to set the right kind of mood.

Listen to The Hits now, or send it to your friends to get them hooked too. Links to The Hits can be found below, and remember to check out his Facebook and Twitter below too for info on upcoming releases, tours, and other releases, as well as his official site for all that info plus more.


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