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Jah Mason's best tracks and Riddims are Rising in popularity!
15 Jun 2019

“High Grade – Rising Riddim” is the latest single from Soul Rebel Sound, Evidence Music, and The Scrucialists, and Jah Mason and friends are leading the helm. Cooperating with Lutan Fyah and Spectacular, Jah Mason has continued his admirable crusade to keep reggae alive in the modern era, and the group have been doing just that with aplomb!

Oh man, that beat is truly something special, isn’t it? And the satisfying rasp of the vocals is absolutely wonderful. This is somewhat intense by reggae standards and is likely to make you nod your head to the rhythm! It’s perfect for the early stage of a big chill out session when you aren’t too mellow to be all excited for what’s to come!

The song has only been out for a month and it’s already got impressive clout, seeing rapid success with over 5000 plays! And it doesn’t stop there, not by any means. This is just the beginning. Jah Mason is one popular artist! And his popularity is only going to grow from here, including for this song. After all, why wouldn’t it? It has for every other track he’s done. Most notably for one of his absolute best… “My Princess Gone”!

At the time of writing it’s almost at 2 million plays, with not many more to go! It has 1,864,119 plays currently, and is closely followed by Mi Chalwa with 1,741,745 plays!

Now this is the quality reggae we’ve been looking for since the Marley days! Jah Mason is skyrocketing to new generations of reggae and his skills are shining ever more! Whether he contribute his talents to a new style or keep to the classic sounds, there’s one thing in common with all his songs to ensure his music has quality- and that’s that they’re all by Jah Mason!

Whatever way you want to discover Jah Mason and the fantastic contributions he’s made to the reggae scene, we have it ready and waiting for ya. We hope you’ve discovered a new favourite artist, just like we did when we first came into contact with Jah Mason! It’s a beautiful musical world with his work in it…

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