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Jah Rules and Lives with the Rudies in his ears !
27 Aug 2010

Jah Rules and ” The Rudies ” know that Blue Pie rules the indie world. We are very pleased to announce the arrival of ” The Rudies ” on Blue Pie. The lads debut album will be available on Blue Pie for the world from the 1st of October. Check out these guys at their My Space. With long standing recording and live music careers the band brings together decades of experience all blended into one giant joint that is ” The Rudies”. Blending SKA, Reggae and Dub into a house filled with amps and 22′ sub woofer for de bass man, these guys kick it and bring out old skooolll with the new millennium sounds that has now become ” The Rudies”. Always pulling crowds in their home town the band has now teamed up with Blue Pie to expand the bands music into new markets. Working with Damien Reilly and Stephen Wrench the band will be fine tuning the mastering and final touches on their debut album. For all the latest on the band check out their My Space at Jah Rules!

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