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Jake Donehue Joins the Blue Pie Australian Team!
28 Apr 2011

Jake Donehue has joined the Blue Pie Team as a Business Development Consultant! Based in Brisbane, Jake will be helping us and our artists out by offering his broad knowledge and unique view of Musical genres, audiences and their trends. 

Here is a little run down on Jake Donehue:

Jake Donehue has been working in the music industry in various roles as a guitarist, singer, song writer and administrator in a career spanning over 20 years.

Jake’s life in the world of arts administration began in 1993 working with the Sydney production of Phantom of the Opera before going on to work on several Sydney events for First Call Ticketing, Ticketmaster and Opera Australia, as well as promoting several successful dance parties and gigs. Upon arriving in Queensland Jake has spent the last 6 years working for Brisbane venue The Tivoli as a box office manager, (or door bitch as he would prefer) putting in over 400 gigs for both national and international touring acts as well as working as a ticket system guru for Ticketek, dealing with a number of major touring acts and a wide variety of venues in both Australia and New Zealand. This experience has given Jake a broad knowledge and a unique view of musical genres, their audiences and musical trends.

Jake’s music history begins in 1988 when a then 13 year old Jake played his first gig and went on to form Sunshine Coast surf punk band Bizarre Gardening Accident, playing around South-East Queensland while finishing high school.

In early 1993 Jake made his way to the much bigger pond of Sydney in what turned out to be a decade long stay, playing in a number of projects, meeting a mixture of great players and complete lunatics and playing everything from folk to thrash along the way. Trudging across NSW in an old van, the Bigtime Operators, a dirty 3 piece blues band became one of Jake’s chief sources of employment and enjoyment. For a number of years Jake kept up a punishing schedule of travel and marathon gigs in places seldom heard of by city folk, an experience which went a long way to refining his newly found vocal chords.

Jake’s passion has always revolved around writing original music using a mix of rock, blues, and punk to provide a slightly cynical and humorous social commentary of the world. This culminated in the 1995 self titled release “Salmagundi”, which gained national airplay and major label interest before the group dissolved shortly after, and again with the Jake Donehue solo release “The Best of Glam Rockabilly, Volume One” in 2008, gaining international airplay and sales. Jake has also racked up plenty of studio time as a session guitarist and producer. Now based in Brisbane Jake is playing live and working on an album due for release later this year with his band Jake Donehue and the Disgruntled Taxpayers. Check out for more information.

Blue Pie are extremely excited to have Jake onboard as a part of our Business Development team.


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