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James Galgano joins the Blue Pie USA Team!
28 Apr 2011

Blue Pie are excited to have James Galgano on board as the Vice President of the Business Development Team. 

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, James is somewhat of a mastermind in the industry and we are very lucky to have his skills and knowledge available to us. 

James Galgano latest endeavor was as the Director of Business Development for 101 Music Distribution and he was recently accepted as a member of the Grammy Association of Music Industry Professionals. Recently, as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Crush Recording, James headed up the sales, marketing, promotion and acquisition for A, B and C level talent. He has also been Vice President and General Manager for Galgano Records and Music Distribution for over 20 years, assisting in the creation/delivery of marketing presentations, overseeing all aspects of inventory management and developing extensive relationships with industry professionals. Mr. Galgano has served as a new media and digital sales specialist and was responsible for national business development and marketing, relationship development of major and independent record labels and creating solid relationships with national retail chains.

At Interscope/Geffen Records, Mr. Galgano served as an A&R Consultant for over a decade as well as a consultant for Trax Records/1 House, helping to secure publishing and one stop physical/digital distribution deals, new media development and publicity of online presence and acquisition of new acts. He performed the same executive duties at Fly Records America, Music Outlet/Loop Records, Face2Face M.E.G./New Faces New Artists, Dynasty Records & Distribution and Remix Galaxy.

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