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Jeffery Pope is rockin’ out in Reverbnation’s Top 10 Rock Chart!
28 May 2014

Rock God, Jeffery Pope, has recently been announced to have made ReverbNation’s Top 10 Rock chart as #10!

Hard work and a pragmatic persistence have definitely paid off for Pope, who originally started as a drummer from Newcastle, playing with local bands and not taking his professional music career too far. Pope has since shot into the music scene with guns blazing and ready to take action in his solo career as a singer/songwriter.

Pope plays music for everyone who is mending a broken heart, and getting them back to the good times by creating lyrics that reflect his narrow escapes in the rough dating scene and complimenting that with the cheery music that is ready to get you up and dancing.

His single, She Moves, is an infectious tune. The rocking guitar riffs are party mood setters, bound to get everyone up and dancing to the poppy vibes and atmospheric feel-good tunes, to dance away the blues is essentially what Pope’s music embodies.

By first showcasing his songs in pubs and bars across Australia, Pope has worked long and hard for his music to be played on radio airwaves and to create a debut EP. So it comes as no surprise that such a hard-working and passionate musician is sitting comfortably in ReverbNation’s Top 10 rock chart! His sweet vocals encapsulate the resonating heart-break appeal that everyone can relate to, and instead of drowning in sorrow, Pope aims to bring an uplifting rhythm to his music, to generate an uplifting mood, one that looks forward to the future.

The folk-rock, pop-rock and alternative artist incorporates sounds similar to Good Charlotte, Making April and Dylan. These resonate throughout his work to create the catchy pop-rock tunes that paved his way into the charts for great rock music.

For more info on Jeffery Pope, check out his website here.

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