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Jeffrey Pope gets some vocal magic to happen in the studio
02 Jul 2011

Jeffrey Pope has been cooking up a musical storm in the studio! Working with Sean Carey, Linzi O and Damien Reilly, Jeffrey Pope is bound to blow us all away with his new EP.

The sessions at Trackdown Studios have been nothing short of magical. Jeff has some sure fire hits in production and with the help of the “3 Musketeers” Damien, Sean and Linzi O at the production helm the sound will be world class to say the least.

Already featuring guest stars like Peter Head from Headband on keys, Mike Quigley on drums, Sarah Hyland aka Sahra on backing vocals and a very special appearance by Angelica Tremblay the office has been buzzing on when this one will be ready to press and release.

Stay tuned for the latest news on the new project and remember you can always check out the latest news on Jeff by visiting his My Space page at

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