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Jeffrey Pope releases EP 'Lake View Avenue'
13 Sep 2011

Jeffrey Pope’s new EP Lake View Avenue is ready for the world to hear. Jeffrey Pope has been in the studio working hard to get his new EP completed. The sessions were produced by Linzi O and Damien Reilly and featured an incredible cast of session players including Sahra and our very own Angelica Greening on backing vocals and harmonies.

The first track to hit radio is the title track from the EP called Lake View Avenue. The songs are infectious and defy anyone not to have these songs in their head and humming the tunes 48 hours after listening to them. Jeff has been working hard on his song writing skills and has been developing his talents through busking on the streets of Sydney. You can catch Jeff around the train stations in the City Centre on Fridays and Saturdays. Jeff is passionate about his song writing and writes songs from the heart and his life’s experiences. His music is best described as working class pop rock.

Jeff was born and raised in Newcastle NSW, and is now living in Sydney. This is Jeff’s second release and will be available at all leading digital retailers on the planet from the 1st of October. Stay tuned for a super hot video clip being produced by Blue Pie that will feature some of Jeff’s fans and some incredible characters that will be introduced in the clip. The clip is due out for release on the 1st of November. We are not allowed to tell you which song the clip will feature except to say it will be a Whooo Hooo of a good time for every one that hears the song.

For all the latest news on Jeffrey Pope you can check out his MySpace page and see what all the fuss is about!

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