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Jenny's Tribe Signs With Blue Pie Records!
17 Oct 2011

Blue Pie Records is thrilled to announce the signing of an amazing band from the USA, ‘jenny’s tribe’ (no capitals). Centred on Jenny’s song writing, jenny’s tribe is just trying to make some straight-up rock-n-roll, but they end up creating some crazy rides that draw the listener in like an ocean undertow. You don’t know what is happening until you are sitting there listening to every syllable, feeling every thump of the snare or beat of the bass, thinking, did she just say that?

A living room full of musical instruments in her childhood home taught Jenny a lot of interesting ways to improvise. She’s been channelling the spirit of music ever since. Her band mates, Dave and Jamie, bring rhythm in unexpected ways and places, filling out these personal tunes with beautiful depth.

jenny’s tribe is distributed for the world by Blue Pie. Their album will be live on iTunes and all digital retailers soon.

To find out more about jenny’s tribe go HERE!

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