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Jessy Tomsko puts her Big Hearts on the line!
15 Apr 2014

Blue Pie artist, Jessy Tomsko, has touched many fans all over the globe with her passionate music and her fans have returned the favour!

Over the last two months, Jessy initiated a ‘Big Hearts’ campaign on, asking fans to show their ‘big hearts’ and help contribute to the production of her upcoming album, ‘Big Hearts’, promising that all donations and proceeds will be put towards her new album. Of course, the lovely Jessy Tomsko wouldn’t just simply ask for something without giving something back in return—and boy was she offering perks! Here is the list of all the perks she was offering with each type of donation (in US dollars):

$1 Hollar for a Dollar—Heartfelt thanks and a social media shoutout

$5 Big Heart Thanks—A copy of Big Hearts album and Jessy’s gratitude

$10 Basic Perk—A copy of Big Hearts album with a handwritten thank you note

$15 Perky Perk—Autographed copy of Big Hearts, Big Hearts keychain and a written thank you note

$25 A Little Perkier—Autographed copy o f Big Hearts, written thank you note and Big Heart bumper stickers

$50 Perk Land—All aforementioned perks, an autographed poster and a special mention in the CD liner notes

$75 Perk Monster—All aforementioned perks, plus autographed copies of Jessys previous releases shipped to the buyer

$100 Make It Perk—All aforementioned perks, plus a phone call, face time or Skype call with me where I play all 5 new songs from Big Hearts for you

$250 Perk Machine—All aforementioned perks, plus you will get autographed, hand-written lyric sheets for all five songs and a handwritten live show set list

$500 Perkin’ Like Miley—All aforementioned perks, plus you will receive an album producer credit AND I will write one song for you which I will perform and record at a live show

$1000 One Perk To Rule Them All—All aforementioned perks, plus Jessy will perform a private concert for you and your friends at either your residence or public venue of your choice

With perks like those, how could have anyone refused? In the end, Jessy was stoked to announce that she collected $2766 in total, which is $766 over her goal target of $2000! She also announced her eternal gratitude on Facebook, “Going through all the names of everyone who contributed to the EP fund, and I am just beyond grateful and blown away by all this support! I can’t wait to fulfill all these campaign perks!!!”

Big Hearts EP will be released in a few weeks! In the meantime, the Blue Pie team congratulates Jessy Tomsko on her success with the campaign and we look forward to being moved with her upcoming EP album! For more info on Jessy Tomsko, check out her official website here.

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