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Jessy Tomsko's Big Hearts EP
26 Feb 2014

Our favourite songwriter, singer, guitarist and pianist Jessy Tomsko is soon going to be releasing her brand new EP ‘Big Hearts’. However, Jessy is asking her fans, from their kindness of their hearts to pull together to help make the task easier.

Jessy has decided to set up a crowd-funding project where the goal is to raise $2000 for the project. Jessy explains the mission:

“You may be asking yourself, “If you’re already finishing up in the studio, why do you need to raise money?  Isn’t it already done?” Good question.  There is a lot that goes into the making of a record, especially once the music and the tracks are all there.  There is editing, mixing, mastering, artwork, photography, CD production and replication, not to mention actually promoting this thing and getting it out into the world!”

The EP will consist of five tracks, composed truly from the heart and created so organically and naturally with some tremendous collaboration with other talented artists.

A message from Jessy Tomsko about the project:

“I believe love is the only true and real force in this world, and I want to share it with everyone in the best way I know, and the best way I know is with music. I want to hug you with these songs; let them be your blanket, your cuddly puppy, your warm mug of hot chocolate.” 

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