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JIsland Records Presents: "Rock of Ages" by Nickeishia Barnes for your listening pleasure !
30 Jun 2024

Nickeishia Barnes is a soulful powerhouse. Her release, “Rock of Ages,” under JIsland Records captures her soul-stirring stage presence and powerful vocals, Barnes has a unique ability to connect with audiences.

Humble Beginnings in Arnett Gardens. Hailing from the vibrant community of Arnett Gardens, Nickeishia always been unafraid to showcase her talent and assert her presence. Her journey into music began at a young age, deeply influenced by the rich musical culture around her. As a Rising Star alumnus, Barnes quickly gained recognition for her incredible talent and determination.

Despite early setbacks, Barnes’s passion for music never waned. She spent countless hours in Kingston’s studios, especially Anchor by Gussie Clarke, absorbing the craft and lending her voice to background vocals. Her dedication caught the attention of producer Horace Murphy, who introduced her to legendary duo Sly and Robbie. Working with these icons further ignited her aspirations to produce music for her brother Escobar, Nesbeth, and other artists from the inner city.

Challenges and Triumphs. Life in Arnett Gardens was not without its challenges. Gang violence took a toll on Barnes’s family, claiming the lives of her brothers and close associates. Despite these personal tragedies, Barnes channelled her pain into her music, using it as a form of therapy and a means to heal. Her resilience and strength are evident in her powerful performances and heartfelt lyrics.

Academic Pursuits and Musical Resurgence. In 2004, Barnes completed her studies at the University of the West Indies, earning a degree in Political History and Sociology. Although she faced significant losses during this period, including the tragic deaths of her brothers and mentor Horace Murphy, Barnes found solace and purpose in her music.

“Rock of Ages”: A Testament to Resilience. “Rock of Ages” is a testament to Nickeishia Barnes’s journey of resilience, strength, and unwavering passion for music. Catch it here:

About JIsland Records:

JIsland Records, the label behind Nickeishia Barnes’s release, was founded by Saunjay Kerr, one of Jamaica’s many gifted and talented producers. Over the past 20 years, Saunjay has worked with a diverse array of artists, including Purpleman, Cat Eyes, Dred, Glen Ricks, Imar Shephard, Jamelody, Mr. Davis, Nickeishia Barnes, and Walter Saw, to name just a few.

In 2019, JIsland Records partnered with Blue Pie Records USA to establish a global distribution and publishing network, ensuring the label’s great music reaches audiences worldwide. Since then, the roster has been growing, and the world has been waking up to the mesmerizing reggae sounds of JIsland Records’ artists. The label’s incredible, reggae-infused sonic waves continue to brighten up music lovers’ days around the globe.
Saunjay Kerr has been instrumental in building musical highways and connecting JIsland Records to other influential Jamaican labels such as King Jammys Records, Digital B, Harmony House, and Reggae Central Records. The future looks bright for Saunjay Kerr and the talented artists of JIsland Records as they continue to weave their cool reggae vibes into the fabric of global music culture.

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