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John Enghauser Earns Widespread Critical Acclaim with Latest Release
27 Jun 2014

Since the release of his latest album Reality in 2013, singer/songwriter John Enghauser has continued to garner praise from music critics, who have labeled the album “smart, crisp” and “simply breathtaking”.

 Bman’s Blues Report calls Reality a “literal hit package,” adding that Enghauser “should be ranked up with (or better than) John Mayer and Dave Matthews.” Reviewer Kenneth R. Stringer of Musicians Bio echoes this sentiment, insisting “John Enghauser has the right stuff, even some veteran musicians are not this versatile in their writing.”

Brian Lush of Rockwired Radio Profiles notes the success of Enghauser’s debut CD Lost in the Pages and concludes that Reality follows up with “a cleaner sound that doesn’t sacrifice any of the grit and spunk that we have come to expect from him.” William Phoenix of agrees: “this new disc by John Enghauser contains some of his most interesting, fun yet relevant material to date.”

Randy Patterson of Boomerocity calls Reality a “music offering worthy of widespread radio exposure,” while Michael Welchans of the National Rock Review writes “this well produced and well-written recording stands quite well all on its own. A lot of people will fall in love with it, and well they should.”

Both Xombiewoof Magazine and Music News Nashville make note of Enghauser’s varied styles and influence, with Xombiewoof writing, “Either way, (Reality is) a great album full of stirring and memorable songs that could be just the thing to share with the one you love on a romantic evening,” and Music News Nashville suggesting, “There’s a little something for all musical tastes and styles on Reality, and the ‘reality is that John does it very well!”

The positive feedback from critics is clear evidence that John Enghauser has put together a fantastic collection of songs with his latest release, Reality. You can check out all the latest news on John Enghauser at, and to find out what all the critics are raving about, you can preview and download Reality on iTunes by clicking the link below:

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