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John Enghauser featured in an article in the Los Angeles Examiner!
14 May 2012

Blue Pie’s John Enghauser, California-based song-songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist has been featured in an article written about his work in the Los Angeles Examiner.

The article highlights Enghauser’s musical career, from his first band in the 1990’s called Jamawokee, a funk rock group, to his more recent personal works on his album “Lost in the Pages” that was released by Blue Pie Productions in 2009.

The article also analyses the track listing on “Lost in the Pages”. For instance, the song on the album titled “Lost in the Pages” is described as “a critical favourite in which Enghauser seemed to go for something beyond the typical counter melody”.

Overall, the article is positive and may provide an exciting new insight to “Lost in the Pages”.

To read the article head on over to

And to show your support and download the incredible piece that is “Lost in the Pages” head on over to John Enghauser’s Itunes.

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