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John Enghauser keeps getting the love with more reviews
04 Aug 2010

Check out the review from Metal Ville. John Enghauser – Lost In The Pages: This is a real awe inspiring contemporary rock sounding artist who reminds me of Ty Tybor (Kings X), Jean Bouvoir, Lenny Kravitz and Dan Reed all mixed into 1 vocally with some jazz elements from time to time. There’s 14 numbers in all on this excellent album from a man who is now based in California. It’s one of those albums that’s stocked with well crafted songs with hooks and great chorus’s.  I could name most of the numbers as highlights but that’d make me look like a damn lazy reviewer.  There’s plenty of tracks worth pondering over that include the title track ‘Lost In The Pages’; ‘Distant World’; ‘Let It Flow’; ‘Breath Again’ and ‘I Vow’. It does seem criminal to leave a few out – but that’s why you need to get your hands on the album.  I can’t recommend this guy enough. 10/10 By Glenn Milligan . If you would like to get more news on John you can visit his website at

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