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John Enghauser rocks it up LA & the Bay area in 2010
27 May 2010

John Enghauser has been rocking throughout the Bay area and LA in 2010 and want to shout out a big thank you to everyone who has come out to support them. To watch a clip of the band performing live at the Whisky in LA back in February click here. John is also in talks with his record label Blue Pie about organizing an international tour this year so watch this space!!

John Enghausers current CD is stirring up a mad buzz with coverage in renowned publications such as Music Connection, SF Chronicle, Music News Nashville, All Access and of course, The Grand Rapids Press.  On top of this, hot on the heels of John’s “Best Male Singer-Songwriter” nomination at this year’s LA Music Awards, the band have been asked to perform at the event in November!

If you agree that his new song “Lost in the Pages” is hot go here to vote and get rocking in the top 10 on digital radio station RadioBuzzd.

In midst of all this excitement John is creating some hot new material and working towards a early 2011 release date for his next CD.

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