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Johnny Bennet the No 1 Blue Pie Artist on MUZU for March !
09 Apr 2013

Johnny Bennett knows how to draw a crowd and he knows how to get down and rock, rock and roll his fans into a frenzy. It seems that his trip to the UK has really built a solid following and now he comes in as the No 1 video on the Blue Pie MUZU network with over 10,000 plays and rapidly growing.

You can check out his song on You Tube below. We have to say that Johnny will probably get higher than the song given all the people that are now discovering his great vocal powers. The song echoes elements of the 70’s power punks Mc5 to channelling some very early Elvis Costello. Johnny has new tour dates being announced and will be on a stage near you soon enough and taking the roof of the venue.

Check out the song and download this from iTunes today. 

For all the latest news on Johnny please visit his website at

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