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Johnny Bennett getting the love from Uber Rock
01 May 2013

Our very own music legend Johnny Bennett has received some serious praise after his latest work dropped. Now, Uber Rock has given him a killer review for his side project, ‘The Gutter Report,’ and their latest release.

He has teamed up with Little Feat’s Gale Ford for their Debut EP release, and it did definitely not disappoint. Described as ‘organic-homely-rock,’ each song earnt a stellar review by the site. Although the EP is only four tracks, their is enough musical power, passion and punch to fill a whole album with ease.

Jamie Richards of Uber Rock identifies this, and highlights Johnny bennett as a force to be reckoned with.  Compariing his music making passion to the size of Yellow Stone National Park, it is obvious that Johnny’s music is something of the rarity. It is obvious that Uber Rock, and the rest of the world, love Johnny Bennt just as much as we do!

Check the review out here

And while you are here check out Johnny’s killer new track on YOU TUBE:

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