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Johnny Bennett's New Album Praised by Critics!
12 Aug 2011
Johnny Bennett’s new album ‘All The Devils are Here’ has been greeted with praise and compliments by industry critics. Johnny’s musicianship and lyricism earns him fans in all walks of life.
Here is just one review from RadioIndy
“All the Devils are Here,” is the recently released CD by Johnny Bennett. This album is a wonderful collection of acoustic Folk songs in which Bennett sings and plays acoustic guitar. Opening up the CD, “Let It Sing (feat. Theresa Houston),” is a wonderful duet that has sweet and charming vocals that gracefully swirl around the bouncy chord progressions of the acoustic guitar. Houston’s voice is quite delightful as her voice is strong and blends well with Bennett. Another song, “A Girl From Birmingham,” shows off Bennett’s soft and soothing voice as he gently sings the melodic lyrics. “Turning Me Into What I Hated the Most,” has insightful lyrics which Bennett sings with soulful sincerity. If you are into the Folk music of Joni Mitchell or Jackson Browne, then you will really enjoy the delectable Folk songs on the album, “All the Devils are Here.” -Diane at RadioIndy

‘All the Devils are Here’ is an amazing album and is so deserving of these great reviews.

If you want to know more about Johnny, listen to his tracks or find out about his upcoming gigs go to:

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