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Jono Coleman Slims Down!
09 Aug 2012

Our favourite radio presenter Jono Coleman has battled weight loss for many years, but 2012 has proven to be the year Jono has been waiting for to keep the weight down.

After a number of yo-yo diets and balancing weight loss with the pressures of family life and being in the public eye, Jono has successfully journeyed through a new weight loss program at Vision Studio; his local gym in Lindfield.
Keeping to a strict and consistent workout regime of 5 days a week, Jono lost 21kg in 5months, and now weighs in at 100kg; a milestone he has not achieved in 2 years. His weight loss was also assisted by a healthy diet; replacing alcohol with sparkling water, eating more lean meats with vegetables and snacking on fruit and nuts. Jono also found that eating healthy food before going food shopping reinforced his healthy food purchasing habits.
Jono’s weight loss has been fantastic for his life, mood, mind, health and even his family. Jono found that the Vision Studio team at Lindfield were so accommodating that even his wife and son now attend.
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