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JP Ranger Band To Release Single And Album!
10 Nov 2011

The JP Ranger Band has a busy November ahead, as JP prepares to release his new single, Mother’s Fury. JP continues to mix and master new songs for a new CD to be released in the spring of 2012. Various singles, namely ‘Run’, ‘Yéha’ and ‘Ghost Girl’ from the upcoming album will also be released well prior to the CD’s release. The four singles including ‘Mother’s Fury’ present a variation of blended musical styles ranging from Rock Americana to R&B.

JP will also hit the live venue, Hustings, in December with an acoustic solo show and will occasionally be accompanied by the band’s lead guitarist and Sax player Rey Cote. JP stated: “Rey’s sax playing has added a completely new dimension to the song writing. The sax is in over half the new songs. The new album will explore more R&B and urban Jazz type moods blended in with Rock, while the guitar-oriented songs remain Americana style Rock tunes on high octane. The acoustic series of shows presents JP’s song writing in a more organic, intimate and unplugged setting.

When asked why perform a solo show he answers:
“I’ve been writing various songs in different styles over the past year. I felt I had a good collection of songs to present at this point. Though I love playing with the band, and obviously will for the promotion of the new album and for more to come, I also like to perform the songs in a solo type show, since the tunes were originally written that way. It forces me to present the raw idea of the songs back to the public to see how they feel about them.

A solo show also helps me to reconnect with the song at the root level, especially after hearing them mixed about 1000 times over with the band. I actually will re-arrange a song to presenting it in a solo performance. Sometimes, the results do surprise, and like a butterfly, another song emerges from the experiment.

I also enjoy the challenge to play solo, because you have a chance to bond more closely with an audience. In an intimate setting, it’s less intimidating for the audience to participate, and they also pay more attention to the lyrics. There are fewer distractions as opposed to in a bigger venue. You simply work with what you’ve got being: your voice, your guitar, the song and the audience. The rest just works itself out. Playing solo also helps to re-feed the muse after one has written a bunch of songs. It clears the mind and resets you for the next batch to come, and hopefully a songwriter learns from that experience in order to grow. Overall it’s plain Fun!

I’m however greatly looking forward to playing these songs with the band. We get a great charge out of playing together.There’s a wonderful chemistry between Gille Chollete (Drums), Rey Cote (Lead guitar and Sax) and Glen Scammell (Bass).”

More information to come, for now find out more about JP Ranger HERE!

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