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JP Ranger gets busy in September!
03 Sep 2011

The JP Ranger Band took a well deserved hiatus for the Summer after recording material for a new CD, and a couple of singles that are in the process of being mixed and mastered.

The first single, Mother’s Fury, is a turbo-charged Rock Americana music piece about the state of the global environment. The lyrics are sung from Mother Nature’s perspective, as JP through his lyrics and music, gives her a human voice that pleads with us to abandon our current destructive behavior towards the Earth, and to renew our alliance to live in harmony with nature. She warns that the consenquences of not doing so are not far off in the future, but are here now, as we witness more and more global environmental havoc taking place in the present. “Mother’s Fury is knocking down your door!”, conveys a powerful chorus and anthem.
The second single, Run, is about a hunter and wolf and the cycle of life they are engaged in, as the wolf is hunted out of misplaced anger, hate and revenge by the hunter. Both hunter and wolf live out their destinies to eventually be reborn with their life roles reversed. The song is a simple reminder in life that: “What goes around comes around”.
JP also spent time this Summer traveling though the Canadian Prairies and the Canadian Rockies to feed the muse and has come back to Eastern Canada recharged and inspired to write new material and stories about the people he met and places he encountered namingly: songs about Canadian natives, the struggle to keep their culture alive, and the backdrop of rugged but beautiful nature and splendor in which they live out their daily lives–and the many generations that did so before them. These new songs promise to transcend native history, powerful imagery and native spirituality into JP’s storytelling and growing song repertoire.
JP and the Band will be rehearsing a new ‘live’ show in September and October to promote the new material. JP is also working on a solo acoustic show he will be presenting as of December with show dates to follow. Stay tuned for much more!
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