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JT Tha Sorce and his full back catalogue now out on Blue Pie!
24 Jun 2011

Blue Pie is very pleased to announce that we will be working exclusively “JT Tha Sorce” and his entire back catalogue.

JT recently joined Blue Pie and has already created a major buzz in the USA and Australia with the release of his hot new track “I Got It” exclusive to Blue Pie. This 4 track EP features Lil Wayne and a cast that reads like the who’s who of Hip Hop today.

As Damien Reilly says: “We are very pleased to have reached an agreement today with JT and his label We Got Next Ent, for JT’s impressive back catalogue to come to Blue Pie. We see a great future working with JT and we are already planning a number of projects that will feature more of our artists like Suzanna Lubrano, Dino Jag, a project that features Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, some new treatments to some iconic artists that we have on the label including Rusty Anderson, Gordon Waller and Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons.

JT will be working with our production team to keep things real when it comes to Hip Hop. He is one incredible multi-instrumentalist and the word perfection is something that he brings to the table on his projects. JT has worked with Mariah Carey, T-Pain, K-Riley, Drumma Boy and Shawty Lo to name just a few “.

Check out JT’s My Space here

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